New column!!…. “The Strategically Thinking Organization”

chess strategicDue to the overwhelming response and emails requesting more articles on blog:  Teaching Your Organization to Think Strategically We have been asked for more articles talking about operations at the strategic level.  We heard you and will be starting a column in the Project Post-Gazette next issue called:

“The Strategically Thinking Organization”

1st Article:  Strategy Thinking Determines the Best Tactics

2nd Article:  Strategic  Tactics Defines the Right Operations

As you know, my business partner Paul Lohnes has started up several of his own companies.  He has run numerous projects, programs and portfolios. He is sought after instructor in both the Project Management and Business Analyst courses.  His knowledge is unparalleled.    He has been a mentor for many start up companies and entrepreneurs.

Please join us for future articles both in the PPG and our blog here.

Thank you for reading!!  If you wish to be notified of new articles, click the follow button on the home page.


Cheryl Wilson, PMP, RMP, CCEP




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