The PPPM Roadmap: Linking it Together

Project/Program Portfolio Management (PPPM)
By PH Lohnes, PMP

Having the roadmap details behind us, we now have to put the final piece into the jigsaw to crystallize the entire concept. In this post we will discuss the interrelationships between the PPPM vision, the goals, direction, roadmap, and outcomes. Let’s first start with the organizational prerequisites. These are the conditions that I have discovered are conducive to the benefits a vibrant PPPM environment can provide to a project management organization. These prerequisites are:

  • A Senior Leadership Team (SLT) willing to discuss a PPPM vision, if not already in place,
  • The designation of a member of the SLT as the portfolio manager,
  • Willingness to apply organizational resources to the creation of a PPPM environment, and finally,
  • A SLT member as the champion of the PPPM effort (not the same as the portfolio manager)

An organization lacking these prerequisites are less likely to be successful in their establishment of a PPPM environment, so the first step would be to determine if your organization has these conditions in place ready to support the PPPM establishment. Save yourself a significant level of frustration and wasted energy by postponing your PPPM activities until these conditions are mostly in place. You can assist with the creation of these conditions, but unless you are one of the very senior SLT members, you might not have the authority to condition your organization for this path.

With the assumption that you have the prerequisites in place, it is time to setup a regular, periodic time to meet with both the PPPM champion and potential portfolio manager for the purpose of establishing your organization’s PPPM vision. This vision needs to specifically define the PPPM To-Be conditions that the PPPM roadmap will implement. These vision statements will define the environment as it will exist once the PPPM roadmap has been completed. You will be describing the desired landscape your organizational project management discipline will take as the roadmap activities are scheduled and accomplished.

With the vision statements defined, and approved by the entire SLT, the next step is to begin the development of the PPPM roadmap. This involves all of the details discussed in the previous postings on the roadmap components so you have your work cut out for you and your organization. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me here at

Good luck, and while it may appear to be long and complex, the benefits are worth the effort


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