The PPPM Roadmap Components: Achievements

Project/Program Portfolio Management (PPPM)
By PH Lohnes, PMP

While the implementations or tools are the physical realities utilized in each period, they differ from the achievements since the implementations are not production or development of the period while the achievements are. Think of the achievements as the deliverables that each period will produce on the path towards completing the PPPM roadmap and ultimately the PPPM vision.

For any project, the most important component is the deliverables for which the project has contracted to produce at the quality level defined by the customer of the project. Quality, defined for projects, is the production of deliverables at a level of “fit-for-use” completion. While I know that there are many that will disagree with this definition, and would then take three pages in which to define quality; be aware, that the increasing complexity surrounding quality in project deliverables is one of the issues I have discovered as a major issue in project failure. Team members, key stakeholders, and even the customers are having a more difficult time in defining and understanding just what quality means. A later post will delve into this definition of project quality.

Thus with quality understood and as it should be applied to project deliverables, the achievements of a PPPM roadmap period are those outcomes that the period must produce within the quality defined by customers or key stakeholders of the PPPM roadmap — the senior leadership team (SLT). The SLT must adequately define each period’s achievements and the necessary quality metrics which will define the “fit-for-use” condition of the produced deliverables.

For our example, the achievements for this first period (first 6 months) of the PPPM roadmap could be the following:

  • An ideation development, vetting, and prioritization process,
  • A KPI definition and alignment process for use with project justification activities

While these are examples of process deliverables, they could just have easily have been software tools, applications, or training activities. The achievements are different than the tools or implementations used during the PPPM period. Tools are used to assist with the production of the period achievements. An example would be the difference between the woodworking tools such as a bandsaw or router and the cabinet the tools help a carpenter to produce under the contract and quality defined by the customer.

Achievements for any period of the PPPM roadmap must be aligned with the overall PPPM vision in that the achievements when taken together in totality will produce the goals of the PPPM vision as produced through the PPPM roadmap. Again, another bit of linkage between the PPPM components.

The direction of each period will be the final component discussed.


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