The PPPM Roadmap Components

Project/Program Portfolio Management (PPPM)
By PH Lohnes, PMP

If you have been following me on our journey through the creation of your PPPM vision, and now towards seeing what how the roadmap and vision are linked, you have seen that creating the roadmap will require some thought, planning, and of course, time for its development. The roadmap has several components that need to be developed properly in order to have the roadmap embody the PPPM vision of your organization.

From a previous post, the roadmap components that you will need to develop are:

  1. Discipline: Area of improvement, focus of activity discipline, area of concern attention
  2. Implementation: Major achievement of implementation or deliverable production
  3. Training: Learning objectives, audiences, and focus of period training activities
  4. Achievements: desired outcomes from each period’s activities
  5. Goals: obtainment of the desired horizon from implementing the objectives
  6. Focus: management perspective directing decisions and alignments
  7. Direction: management heading taken to implement objectives and therefore achieve period’s goals

Each period that you design into your roadmap comes from the two aspects of your As-Is profile:

  1. How well developed your PPPM vision is at the time your roadmap is designed?
  2. How intense or aggressive your roadmap time frame is?

Obviously the less developed your PPPM vision is at the present time, more that will have to be incorporated into your roadmap to achieve your PPPM goals. If your PPPM vision has already been given breath or initial life, you may not have as much to implement in your roadmap. Also, the aggressiveness of your time frame will determine the number of periods you will need to successfully implement your vision over the life time of your roadmap.

In subsequent posts, we will discuss each component, how it is designed and developed. The goals (#5) has already been adequately discussed in previous posts, so my posts will begin with the FOCUS that each period must fixate upon in order to achieve the goals set by the PPPM vision.

Stay with me as we delve into the details of the PPPM roadmap.


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