Your PPPM As-Is Profile

Project/Program Portfolio Management (PPPM)
By PH Lohnes, PMP

Now that we have returned from a very restful 2012 holiday season, we need to take up the exercise I suggested you perform over this holiday period –  you had homework, I did not.

If you did not take your organization’s PPPM pulse before, I would suggest that you do it now as the first exercise in 2013. You can find the exercise in this previous post. The reason for understanding your As-Is (another term for the status quo) is that without knowing where you are, it is almost impossible to determine if the status is acceptable to your objectives and goals for your PPPM implementation.

As with all projects that must begin with a clear understanding of the business case or problem on which the project is based, knowing the current status becomes the most crucial first step, but unfortunately is many times forgotten in the rush to begin the project or activity. Do not make this mistake when beginning to build or create your organization’s PPPM vision.

Once you understand your organization’s current PPPM status (As-Is or status quo), you are better able to determine if changes are necessary to support your vision. Most organizations are have not reached a point of effective PPPM implementation so changes or modifications are almost always going to be necessary. It is the definition of these changes that becomes the next step in our PPPM process which will be discussed in a subsequent post.

For now, document your current PPPM environment or lack of it with a few activities:

  1. Document your current project/program portfolio organizational structure.
  2. Identify your current PPPM key stakeholders (corporate leaders, SMEs, champions)
  3. Document your current PPPM vision or lack of it — determine PPPM objectives & goals
  4. Research your current PPPM roadmap or lack of it — time frames for obtaining goals

With the understanding of these four items, you should be in a much more position to take the next steps of designing or improving your organization’s PPPM environment. In subsequent posts, I will discuss the process of defining your PPPM vision which will form the basis of your PPPM roadmap.


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