Processes, Processes, Everywhere

Project/Program Portfolio Management (PPPM)
By PH Lohnes, PMP

The Right Stuff: Perspectives for the PPPM Structure

What are the correct management perspectives for each level of the project/program/portfolio structure? While many will take exception to the following suggestions, with an open mind, review each perspective in the totality of the structure and not just each level in its own singularity.

For each level, the characteristics of perspective are focus, component, objective, and goal:

PPPM Perspective Table

Before delving into each of the levels and how their characteristics are created, let’s define each of the characteristics so we are on the same page:

Focus: the view point from which each level perceives the organization
Component: the product, service, or asset each level interacts with to achieve its objective
Objective: the primary directive each level seeks to accomplish when placing its component into action
Goal: the beneficial achievement of its actions, directives, and policies

With these definitions, I will have sufficient material to discuss over the coming blog posts how:

Each level focuses its activities on the achievement of its goal through deployment of its component under the direction of its objective.

From this simple statement, many readers will finally be able to understand the difference between the characteristics of management perspective.

Beginning with the next three posts, I will detail each level’s management and execution of its perspective in order to produce a linked structure with the goal of improving your organization’s project success rate


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