Join us at the Euro Risk Zone Summit 2012 in Vienna, Austria

My business partner, Paul and I, have been invited and confirmed to provide the end of the first day’s keynote presentation at the Euro Risk Zone Summit 2012 being held September 25-26, 2012 in Vienna, Austria. Our topic for the presentation is “Building a Portfolio Level Risk Management Environment.” In this keynote address, Cheryl and I will be discussing the details, benefits, and steps in developing a world-class portfolio level risk management environment.

Organizations that either implement their own project, program, or portfolio solutions or provide such to their clients are quickly becoming aware of the need to have a top-down approach to their risk management activities as the arena of project management becomes for strategically demanding and visible. Risk management at the portfolio level must be standard, consistent, and focused in reducing the effective impact that potential risks can have on the successful outcome of project’s deliverables. The presentation provides examples, tips, tools, and techniques on implementing the risk management environment at this higher aggregation level.

For more information on the Euro Risk Zone Summit, please visit the summit’s website for additional information and registration. Please indicate the codeword, MCLMG, when registering.


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